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State of Emergency: In the event of a State of Emergency, the IMLCA Clubhouse is used as an Emergency Shelter.

Multiple Lot Owners: Effective of January 2, 2013 any members owning multiple properties will have to be paid in full on ALL properties to be considered in good standing. (See Rules & Regulations Article 1 and By-Laws Articles 4 & 6) If at any time any one of the properties incur any fines or any other fees the members status will be classified as delinquent.  This will affect the members ability to vote, to receive badges, gate cards will be shut off, pin codes removed and the possibility of their account being sent to collections.  This will also affect the ability to rent their property.  This information will be included in the Rules and Regulations as of January, 2013.  If you should need further clarification please call the office.

MEMBERS: who have not paid their dues and are not already on a payment plan will not be allowed to call in guests from a phone.  They must go to the gates to register their guests with proof of I.D. and residency. They must have authorization to be allowed to register a guest.  They will be able to obtain a weekly pass for their guest. 
The IML Messenger is available on this Web-Site as a Portable Document File (pdf).   A paper copy can be obtained at the front desk at the IMLCA Office.
RENTAL/OCCUPANT REGISTRATION – Rental/Occupant forms are to be submitted for any occupancy of a home when the property owner is not present.  Except for immediate family members a $50.00 administration fee must accompany each form for short term rentals and a $125.00 fee for long term rentals.  Failure to register renters/occupants or failure to submit the appropriate fee is a violation of IMLCA'S RENTAL POLICY RULES.  Failure to comply will result in stiff, multiple fines as per Association Rules and Regulations. 
Also remember for recreation and other activities in the community check out the Marquees at the entrances of the community.  Information can also be found at the mailboxes in the overhead bulletin boards and on the office bulletin board.  At the office you can also find information about articles for sale, services rendered like mowing, pet sitting, baby sitting, tutoring etc.  Maps of the community can also be obtained at the IMLCA Clubhouse. 
For the nature lovers among us there is a Walking Trail at the end of Clubhouse Road.  It is a lovely area but rather wild so it is recommended that you wear long pants and closed shoes when hiking.

E-911 "Monroe County" InformationTunkhannock Township: Residence must have their new 911 address posted as of June 31, 2012.  Failure not having your 911 address posted will result in a citation from the association and possible stiffer fine from the township.  Chestnuthill Township:  Residence have to Tuesday July 31, 2012 to have their 911 address posted.  After that date failure to comply will result in a citation from the association and possible stiffer fines from the township.

All residence of IMLCA should check with their respective township to make sure they are within their township ordinances.  The three different townships within the association have different specification so please check that you are with in compliance with your township ordinance.  Starting August 01 2012 Indian Mountain Lake Civic Association will be an Enhanced 911 community, all homes must have their 911 address displayed per Article III Emergencies.

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